Chamber Music Pittsburgh supporters

Chamber Music Pittsburgh receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Opportunity Fund provides support to continue philanthropist Gerri Kay’s legacy of advocacy for civil rights, social justice, and the arts. The Heinz Endowments supports efforts to make southwestern Pennsylvania a premier place to live and work, a center for learning and educational excellence, and a region that embraces diversity and inclusion. Chamber Music Pittsburgh is sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh.

Chamber Music Pittsburgh gratefully acknowledges our supporters, without whom our concerts would not be possible. The following list reflects gifts given between August 1, 2016, and December 31, 2017. Every attempt has been made to ensure these listings are accurate and comprehensive; any oversight is unintentional.

Stradivarius ($20,000-$49,999)

Anonymous Donor
The Heinz Endowments
The Pittsburgh Foundation


Visionary ($15,000-$19,999)

Allegheny Regional Asset District
Hillman Foundation
Laurel Foundation
The Opportunity Fund
The PNC Charitable Trusts
J.L.H. Simonds Foundation


Benefactor ($10,000-$14,999)

David Millstein


Virtuoso ($5,000-$9,999)

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Russell and Kathy Ayres
Dale Hershey
Mr. Arthur J. Kerr, Jr.
Frederick W. Steinberg


Soloist ($2,000-$4,999)

Lorraine E. Balun in memory of Phyllis E. Zimmerman
Dr. Darlene R. Berkovitz and Robert P. Zinn
Paul and Carol Bové
Kenneth S. Brand
The Grable Foundation
Alexandre Dombrovski and Isabella Soreca
The Grable Foundation
Kerr Engineered Sales Co.
James and Peggy Knapp
The Edison* and Ruth M. Montgomery Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation
Audrey Schoenwald


Prodigy ($1,000-$1,999)

Ariadne Beldecos and Robert Yager
Robert Chiu, MD
Alan and Hazel Cope
David Harding
Lee and Myrna Silverman Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Kathryn Logan
Jane MacLeod
Elizabeth Mertz
Burl J. F. Moone III
Dr. Michael L. and Lilli J. Nieland
The Sherle and Michael Berger Charitable Foundation of the Federation of Greater Pittsburgh


First Chair ($500-$999)

Anonymous Fund No. 11 of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Jerry Agin
Dr. Seth Beckman
Michael and Sherle Berger
Susan Campbell and Patrick Curry
Joe Charny
Estelle Comay & Bruce Rabin

Patricia K. Eagon and James E. Stafford
Linda and Robert Ellison
Mark Fichman and Ruth Fauman-Fichman
Kathleen and Chester Good
Carol Hochman and William Lafe
Landy Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Claire and Larry Levine
Phyllis and Victor Mizel Charitable Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Josephine Olson
Tor Richter
Esther Sales & Patrick Doreian
Steven Schlossman
Marcia M. Stewart
Donald Sutton


Artiste ($250-$499)

John & Gloria Anderson
Jane C. Arkus
David and Susan Brownlee
Yeeha Chiu in memory of Nat Melamed
Jerry Clack
Donna and Charles Conway
Patricia K. Crumrine, MD
Jim and Laurie Cunningham
Cathy and Ken Glick
S. A. Neff, Jr.
Alice and Jay Klevens
Nancy and Stan Lehman
William Lindgren
Kristen Linfante
Dr. Jon Lloyd
Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Lozier
Mark Steven Mazur
Mary A. McDonough
Monique Mead
Our Grandparents' Memorial Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Susan Page
Peggy Lynn Ferber Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Lorrie Rabin and Paul Pitts
G. Fred Roth
Dr. Ralph T. Shuey and Ms. Rebecca Carlin
Sidney Stark, Jr.
Charles and Rachel Stegeman
Carolyn Steglich
Charles and Eva Vaughan
Marvin Wedeen
Arthur Weldon
Diana Wood


Aficionado ($100-$249)

Anonymous (2)
Carol and Joseph Baim
David Bennett
Paul Needle and Ellen Berne
Don and Sue Bialostosky
Orlando Nigel Bolland
Laurie and Frank Bruns
Carolyn and Bill Byham
John A. Charley
Maya Chesakova
Susan Chismar
Rosemary K. Coffey
James Colker
Mr. Laurence P. Comden
Florence and Harry Corbett
Barry and June Dietrich
Harold E. Dixler
Gary Dzura
Lin and Stanley Ehrenpreis
Lee Feigert
John H. Feist, M.D.
Oliver Finney
Arnold Freedman
Cathy abd Jerry Gindele
Marylene Gingras Roy
William E. Gooding and Kimberly A. Francis
Jake Goodman, in honor of Jane Downing
Toby Orem Graham
Jonathan Harris
Alice Jones in memory of Eugene Phillips
Richard and Alice Kalla
Jim and Jane Knox
Michael Thompson and Wendy Kobee
Terry and Janice Kulchar
Glenn Lewis
Barbara Logan
Kenneth Manders
Ernest and Sandra Manders
Laura Marin
William J. McAllister and Janet L. Sarbaugh
Carol and Fred McCullough
Peter Moshein
Anita Newell
Dennis Orsen and Linda Theophilus
Connie Phillips
Eugene* and Natalie Phillips
Ruth Preisner-Quinlan and Joseph Quinlan
Constance Rapp
Nancy Reese
Ralph Roskies
Marybeth and Guy Salama
Beatrice Salazar and Luis Motles
Urban Schuster
Mary Snyder
Henry D. Spinelli
Ron and Mary Tambellini
Mark Thomas
John P. Traugut
Holly Van Dine
Dave Witter
Isaias and Joan Zelkowicz in memory of Eugene Phillips
Florence Zeve


Friend ($1-$99)

Anonymous (2)
Lissa Barker
Beverly Barkon
Gary and Sandra Boyd in memory of Eugene Phillips
Jeffrey Brightshue
Clareann Bunker
William Burgunder
Jeffrey Carpenter
David Casassa in memory of Drs. Ethel and Edward Casassa
Brett A. Crawford
Brandi R. Doswell
Joyce Driben
Alva P. Fleming
Joan B. Friedberg
David and Carol Gillis
Joan Morse Gordon
Margaret Hamstead
Christoph Harlan
Ann S. Harris
Marc Harshman
Christopher and Lorien Hart
Craig Johnson
Xiaoyu Kaess
Navroz J. Karkaria
Mitch and Debbie Levy McKenney in memory of Eugene Phillips
James Lynch
Bernard Mallinger
Fred Marks
John McCarthy
Shirley Mucha
Donald and Nancy Naragon
Sheila and Michael Nathanson
Deborah Nichols
David Pankratz
Sara Partee
Annie Preis
Betty Rieley
Julie and Harold Rodakowski
Dr. James R. Sahovey
Robert Schumacher
Sorley Sheinberg
Carol Skinger
Jim and Judy Stark
Euphemia Steffey
John Sumansky
Judith Sutton
Mark Sutton and Fiona Yung
Debra Horowitz Tabas, MD
Arthur Ward
Lindsey Wood
Yurij Wowczuk
Lawrence Yagoda


In-Kind Donations

University of Pittsburgh


Current as of January 1, 2018